All the data of our users is encrypted, and even the site administrator will not be able to view them, for us the main thing is the privacy of our users. You can rest easy in your anonymity!

To get full access to our many features, you need to top up your balance. We only support payment in Bitcoin. After registration, stresser will not be available to you, in order to unlock the functions of the site, you must first replenish your balance, for this we click "add funds", then specify the amount of replenishment, for example, if you choose the Gold tariff, then transfer as much money to your balance as this tariff costs. After replenishing the account, you choose your tariff and click on the "pay" button. That's it! After payment, all stresser (booter) functions will be available to you.

Account activation occurs automatically, after payment.

At the moment, we only accept payment in Bitcoins.